Child Montessori Attractive 3 Compartment Sorting Tray

Montessori 3 Compartment Sorting Tray

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Child Montessori Attractive 3 Compartment Sorting Tray - SMALL tray with one long section and 3 smaller compartments Ideal for practical life sorting activities: a small tray with one long section 7 1/8" x 2" (180x50mm) and 3 smaller compartments 2 3/8" x 2 1/8" (60x55mm) approx. Made from beech wood.This is an absolutely beautiful little tray,excellent quality, as always. Three-Compartment Sorting Tray is excellent to create your own sorting trays based on the children’s ever-changing interest. Select objects that can vary in color, shape, or size and place them in the larger compartment. Children can sort the objects based on the characteristics that the objects have in common. You can use buttons of the same size and that vary in color. You can use shells of the same color and that vary in shape, etc. This work enhances children’s sense of observation and discrimination. It also satisfied children’s need for order and introduces classification.

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