Montessori Wooden Bird Puzzle

Montessori Bird Puzzle

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Montessori Wooden Bird Puzzle


The puzzle consists of a wooden base board plus 6 puzzle pieces that make up a picture of a bright and colourful bird. Great quality montessori material for school or homeschool use. The Bird Puzzle is great for teaching zoology or just for use as a fun activity for toddlers and elementary-level children.  It measures 24 cm x 24 cm (about 9.5 in x 9.5 in) and is made of durable, warp-resistant plywood with a satin-touch, natural wood finish.  Each puzzle piece is fitted with a knob for easy removal, and the image is silk-screened directly onto the wood and then covered with a clearcoat to protect it for years to come. These wooden puzzles represent the characteristics of the different vertebrate groups. The main parts of each animal body can be removed by the child, i.e. the head, the tail, etc. Specially designed to enable the learning of the basic anatomy of the animal through sight and action The pieces of this puzzle are cut based on the anatomical components of the picture. So the child can learn how each piece of the anatomy fits into the the whole picture Remove the pieces from the board, place each one back while saying the name of the shape. Develops hand-eye coordination, pincer grip, fine motor skills, size & shape differentiation, language, object sorting, self discipline fine motor skills Durable all wood construction with a clean look to encourage focused concentration

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